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New directions in the treatment of anxiety disorders
Systems and Psychosocial Advances Research Center Publications and Presentations
  • Philip J. Candilis, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • E. E. Bain
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Department of Psychiatry
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Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders play a prominent role in general medical and psychiatric practice, and their lack of recognition leads to significant morbidity. A major thrust of recent patent activity builds on clinical successes provided by serotonergic and GABA-ergic agents. A new understanding of the molecular basis for GABAA receptor subtype selectivity presents new possibilities for designing drugs that are highly specific for subpopulations of this receptor family. Despite a lack of clinical experience with less well-known neuropeptide agents, corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) antagonists appear promising. This paper reviews the most prevalent anxiety disorders, their pharmacological treatments and describes trends in therapeutic patent activity since 1997.
Bain EE, Candilis P. “New directions in the treatment of anxiety disorders.” Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents, 10(4): 389-402, 2000.
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Philip J. Candilis and E. E. Bain. "New directions in the treatment of anxiety disorders" Vol. 10 Iss. 4 (2000)
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