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From the Religions of Man to the World's Religions: A Conversation with Huston Smith
The Quest
  • Philip Novak, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Dominican University of California
  • Bridgett Novak
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Religion and Philosophy
"Huston Smith's The Religions of Man has for a generation introduced more people to the world's spiritual heritage than any other work. Over one and a half million copies have been printed since 1958. The author of many other articles and books (Forgotten Truth, Beyond the Postmodern Mind) and an advocate of the Perennial Philosophy, Professor Smith has helped to shape the spiritual currents of our times. We interviewed him shortly after he had completed the first revised edition of The Religions of Man, due out in September from HarperCollins under the new title, The World's Religions. It seemed an appropriate time to query this wise teacher on the state of religion in the world today." ~ from the article

Copyright © 1991 Theosophical Society in America. Reproduced with permission.

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Originally published as Novak, P. (1991). From the Religions of man to the World's Religions: a Conversation with Huston Smith. The Quest: A Quarterly Journal of Philosophy, Science, Religion & the Arts, 4(4). 33 - 39.
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Philip Novak and Bridgett Novak. "From the Religions of Man to the World's Religions: A Conversation with Huston Smith" The Quest Vol. 4 Iss. 4 (1991) p. 33 - 39 ISSN: 1040-533x
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