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America Without Violence by Michael Nagler
Studia Mystica
  • Philip Novak, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Dominican University of California
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Book Review
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Religion and Philosophy

"Everyone one of us, by deciding and willing to do something within our own personal spheres, can begin to rid America, and the planet, of violence. Nagler's whole book is a gentle, yet uncompromising, prod to awaken us to this fact. Arguing against the social forces, collective illusions and individual myopia that blind us to the real possibility of zero violence, he argues for certain points of view, attitudes and even our effectiveness. He is convincing throughout; hopeful, but never unrealistically so." ~ from the article


Copyright © 1982 California State University, Sacramento.All rights reserved.

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Philip Novak. "America Without Violence by Michael Nagler" Studia Mystica (1982) p. 72 - 75
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