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C. G. Jung in the Light of Asian Psychology
Religious Traditions (1991)
  • Philip Novak, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Dominican University of California
"I think it is fair to say that in the first half of this century much of what the West learned about the Asian understanding of mind came, in one way or another, through Jung. Jung was open to the possibility that Asian religious doctrines and methods might contain valuable psychological insight, and he wrote and reflected on the wisdom of the East fairly extensively. We owe him a debt of gratitude for breaking interesting ground, but now doubt whether his pioneering speculations on these matters have lasting value. To see the East through Jung's eyes is , finally, to see it through a distorting lens. Instead of reading the East through Jung, I propose in this essay to turn the tables and examine Jung through the light from the East." ~ from the article
  • Carl Jung
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Philip Novak. "C. G. Jung in the Light of Asian Psychology" Religious Traditions Vol. 14 (1991) p. 66 - 87
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