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Tao How? Asian Religions and the Problem of Environmental Degradation
  • Philip Novak, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Dominican University of California
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Religion and Philosophy

"Twenty-five years ago, Huston Smith wrote an article called Tao Now 1 to enlist the help of traditional Chinese attitudes toward nature in expanding the West's environmental awareness. If my interrogative betrays a greater diffidence than his imperative, it is only because China, the land of the Tao, lacks an enviable environmental record. Sadly, it seems that the existence of noble cultural ideals regarding the environment, in India as well as China, have not been a sufficient gurantee of good stewardship." ~ from the article


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Philip Novak. "Tao How? Asian Religions and the Problem of Environmental Degradation" ReVision Vol. 9 Iss. 2 (1987) p. 33 - 40
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