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Beyond the Wall in Dheisheh Camp: From Local to Transnational Image-Making
Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Journal
  • Philip Hopper, University of Northern Iowa
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Murals and graffiti on the Israeli separation barrier near Bethlehem have been well documented by journalists and discussed in academic journals. Though the image and texts on the barrier may be “transnational” they are of little consequence to the local population. Murals and graffiti within the nearby Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp consolidate local public opinion, generally about the occupation and dismemberment of the West Bank and specifically about individual martyrs or shaheed. The performative nature of these images goes beyond the act of painting them. Children from the Camp pose with these images, identifying with the abstraction of justice and also the heroic outward-looking martyr. In moments captured in these photographs, they transform their own image and in that way transform themselves. This photo essay displays and explains the images in detail.
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Philip Hopper. "Beyond the Wall in Dheisheh Camp: From Local to Transnational Image-Making"
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