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About Philadelphia University, Jordan

As a distinguished academic institution, Philadelphia University commits itself to becoming a full partner in the development of both Jordanian society and other societies at the regional and global levels. The role of science, technology, information and means of communication is becoming absolutely vital to the well-being of humanity. In the coming few years, this role is bound to become a decisive engine of growth. Relevant high–quality education, supported by problem–oriented, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional research, is the only means of leading any society to become an active partner in the development of human civilization.
The speed of globalization and the collapse of cultural and economic barriers require modern education, e-learning and interactive systems rooted in democratic interaction, human rights, complete freedom of thought and greater creativity by the younger sectors of society.
As the rapid development of knowledge, science and technology could widen the cultural divide between generations and society, modern approaches to education and lifelong interactive learning will become indispensable in alleviating effects of this trend.
Carrying a revered name, with deep roots in history, of a major city of the Decapolis on the King’s Road linking old civilizations, Philadelphia is committed to moving forward along the information highway through the twin engines of quality and modernity. It hopes to make a strong bond between knowledge, learning and modern civilization.
The keynote here is the provision of proper, fast-developing and morally informed education. Young men and women are the vehicle that launches societies into a future propelled by quality education to prosperity and innovation. Philadelphia University and its sister institutions will be instrumental in bringing this about.
Prof. Marwan Kamal


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