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Staffing and schools: selected readings
Unicorn (1986)
  • Phil McKenzie

Teachers are the most important resource in the educational process. It is not surprising, therefore, that issues related to staffing schools are of perennial concern. However, the focus of this concern has shifted over time. Some 20 years ago the major issues in staffing were essentially quantitative in nature and concerned with recruiting sufficient teachers to be placed in classrooms. Although teacher numbers are still important, over the past few years there has been increasing interest in some of the more qualitative dimensions of staffing. How can the needs of individual schools be met through staffing allocations? What role should the local school community play in the appointment of teachers? How can teachers be deployed within schools to cater for student aptitudes and interests? In essence these questions revolve around the need to secure a better match between teacher capacities and student needs. Unfortunately, there are few studies that address these issues directly.

Publication Date
February, 1986
Citation Information
Phil McKenzie. "Staffing and schools: selected readings" Unicorn Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (1986)
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