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Staff in Australia’s Schools 2007
Teaching and Learning and Leadership
  • Phillip McKenzie, ACER
  • Julie Kos, ACER
  • Maurice Walker, ACER
  • Jennifer Hong, ACER
  • Susanne Owen, Australian College of Educators (ACE)
Publication Date

ISBN: 0 642 77711 X (SIAS2007)
ISBN: IBN: 0 642 77712 8 (Teacher Workforce)

The SIAS project, undertaken by the Australian Council for Educational Research in collaboration with the Australia College of Educators, gathered information from over 13,000 secondary and primary school teachers and leaders across the country. It aimed to address key gaps in the data available to characterise the teaching profession to support workforce planning. The project's findings and recommendations are presented in two components: the Staff in Australia's Schools data survey; and a report on Teacher Workforce Data and Planning Processes in Australia. The reports produced through the SIAS project provide a wide range of comprehensive data and advice on a number of aspects relating to teacher and school leader workforce issues, such as attraction and retention of teachers, staff shortages and professional learning.
Citation Information
Phillip McKenzie, Julie Kos, Maurice Walker, Jennifer Hong, et al.. "Staff in Australia’s Schools 2007" (2008)
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