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Australia: An Overview
Education in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific (2015)
  • Phillip McKenzie, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
  • Paul R Weldon, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
This chapter offers a comprehensive overview of educational provision in Australia that shows Australia as a dynamic society with high levels of immigration and population growth, and an open economy subject to considerable change. There is much debate about the role of education in preparing people for an uncertain future, and education's contribution to reducing social disadvantage. Educational provision is highly differentiated with a large and growing non-government sector, and policy development is complicated by the federal system of government within which education sits. Topics covered include Australia's population, government, economy and labour market. The structure of education and training in Australia is presented with a description of preschool programs, primary education, secondary education, adult and community education.
  • Adult education; Community education; Demography; Economic development; Labour market; Primary education; Secondary education
Publication Date
January, 2015
Michael Crossley, Greg Hancock $ Terra Sprague
Education around the world
Citation Information
Phillip McKenzie and Paul R Weldon. "Australia: An Overview" LondonEducation in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Vol. 19 (2015) p. 17 - 40
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