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Curriculum provision in rural secondary schools
  • Phil McKenzie, ACER
  • Ross Harrold
  • Andrew Sturman

This book investigates various views, including those that say students in rural secondary schools are disadvantaged by comparison with urban students, and that rural and remote schools are excessively expensive to operate. Using qualitative materials derived from case studies of schools in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, together with qualitative analyses of recent, detailed information collected by schools, the authors provide evidence that rural and remote schools provide a curriculum directly comparable with urban schools, and that students (regardless of differences of gender or social grouping) are better served in the quality of their educational experience than many have claimed.

Publication Date
Australian Council for Educational Research
ACER Research Monograph no 48
Citation Information
Phil McKenzie, Ross Harrold and Andrew Sturman. Curriculum provision in rural secondary schools. (1996)
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