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Temporal and Spatial Variability in the Migration Patterns of Juvenile and Subadult Bull Trout (Salvelinus confuentus) in Northeast Oregon
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (2008)
  • Kristen Homel
  • Phaedra Budy, Utah State University

Conservation planning for threatened bull trout Salvelinus confluentus requires the identification of temporal and spatial movement patterns to better understand the patch size and connectivity requirements of different behavioral strategies (e.g., resident and migratory) and life stages (e.g., juvenile and adult). Although these patterns have been identified for adults, less is known about the movement patterns of juvenile and subadult bull trout. Thus, we evaluated the movement patterns and abiotic and biotic cues associated with migration timing of fluvial juvenile and subadult (150-300 mm) bull trout in the South Fork Walla Walla River, northeastern Oregon. From 2002 to 2005, we tagged 1,636 individuals with passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags and monitored subsequent movements (within the study area) and migrations (exiting of the study area) by PIT tag detection at antennae and active detection during the mark-recapture sampling season...

  • Temporal,
  • Spatial,
  • Variability,
  • Migration,
  • Patterns,
  • Juvenile,
  • Subadult,
  • Bull Trout,
  • Northeast Oregon
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Vatland, S., P. Budy, and G.P. Thiede. 2008. An approach to modeling striped bass and threadfin shad predator ­‐prey dynamics in Lake Powell, Utah-­‐Arizona. Special Section: Bioenergetics Modeling. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 137:262-­‐277.