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Estudos Políticos: Para uma Epistemologia
Collatio (2012)
  • Paulo Ferreira da Cunha, Universidade do Porto
When they reached the status of science, political studies have become autonomous, but they also sprayed. The distinctions between different areas of political studies can be subtle and elusive. And in many cases the theoretical discussion of epistemological matters is sterile. This article, however, aims to compare a few theories and practices of the various theoretical studies of politics, wishing to contribute to put some order in the council of this knowledge.
  • Epistemology of Politics,
  • State Theory,
  • Political Philosophy,
  • Political Theory,
  • Political Science,
  • Political Sociology,
  • History of Political Ideas.
Publication Date
January, 2012
Citation Information
Paulo Ferreira da Cunha. "Estudos Políticos: Para uma Epistemologia" Collatio Vol. 10 (2012)
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