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A Pessoa, o Político e o Cientista em Direito Constitucional
“International Studies on Law and Education” (2011)
  • Paulo Ferreira da Cunha, Universidade do Porto
There is some confusion, especially in media, among the various qualities in which a constitutionalist can speak: personally, as a politician or expressing his political opinion, and only technically, as a constitutionalist tout court. Although, of course, these categories are not always separated. A journalist needs to have knowledge of constitutional law in order to deconstruct: finding eventual personal or political ideas disguised under a technical discourse. The same filter should be used, "mutatis mutandis", to other "technical actors" on the stage of media.
  • Constitution,
  • Constitutional Law,
  • Politics as a Vocation,
  • Science as a Vocation,
  • Journalism,
  • Legal Education,
  • Max Weber,
  • Luis Alberto Warat,
  • Paulo Bonavides.
Publication Date
Winter January, 2011
Citation Information
Paulo Ferreira da Cunha. "A Pessoa, o Político e o Cientista em Direito Constitucional" “International Studies on Law and Education” Iss. n. 7 (2011)
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