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Children’s Favourite Childhood Constructs: Identifying Patterns in Children’s Choices (2005-2014)
IRSCL (2015)
  • Petros Panaou, Dr, Boise State University
  • Stan Steiner, Dr, Boise State University
  • Maggie Chase, Dr, Boise State University
  • Eun Hye Son, Dr, Boise State University

Our Idaho-based team of four researchers (Steiner and Chase having been actively involved in the project) analysed Children’s Choices from 2005 to 2014. For the purposes of this presentation, we focused on the first age group (Beginning Readers: Grades K-2) reviewing a total of 330 favorite books, selected by 5,000 children every year over the past 10 years. This paper has been appropriately listed by the conference organizers under Reader Response. Reader response analysis may focus on the reader's process of engagement (Bleich, 1975; 1978; J. A. Langer, 1990, 1992; Rosenblatt, 1986, 1989), the social setting of the literacy event (Bloome, 1985; Bloome & Katz, 1997; Fish, 1980), the discursive practices of the cultural community (Foucault, 1980; Schein, 1985) or features of the text (Iser, 1978, 1980; Rabinowitz, 1987;Rabinowitz & Smith, 1998) (Shine & Roser, 1999: p.198). Our team analysed the readers’ choices by focusing on the features of the actual texts they have chosen. By examining and comparing the books that were identified by children as their favorites, we aimed to identify prevalent patterns or trends that may be associated with children’s choices.

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Panaou, P., Steiner, S., Chase, M. & Son, E.H. (2015). Children’s Favourite Childhood Constructs: Identifying Patterns in Children’s Choices Award-Winning Narratives (2005-2014) at the IRSCL-International Research Society for Children's Literature 22nd Biennial Congress, Worcester, UK.