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B-2 Serving Leadership Style Revisited
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Petr Cincala, Andrews University
  • Paul Cho, Institute of Church Ministry
Presenter Status
Director, Institute of Church Ministry
Second Presenter Status
GA for ICM, PhD student
Preferred Session
Oral Session
Buller Hall 149
Start Date
3-11-2017 3:15 PM
End Date
3-11-2017 3:30 PM
Presentation Abstract
This presentation highlights findings from a study exploring the congregational health and church growth of more than 9,000 congregations from various denominations across United States. These congregations have used a Natural Church Development (NCD) survey to obtain a health assessment over the period of last 10 years. Findings reveal a fascinating pattern of church growth and health that is related to leadership style of the pastor. The data show that the churches whose pastors say their style of leadership is "serving" are actually growing less and have lower health scores than those who do not list their leadership style as "serving." Serving as pastor’s style of leadership predicts smaller size of church attendance.
Citation Information
Petr Cincala and Paul Cho. "B-2 Serving Leadership Style Revisited" (2017)
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