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The German Case Binding
Skin Deep (2006)
  • Peter D Verheyen, Syracuse University

The case (Bradel) binding is the most common, general purpose binding structure in use by binders in Germany. What sets it apart from other case bindings is that the cover boards and spine stiffener are joined together with a strip of sturdy paper before covering. This allows the covers to be fit precisely to the textblock, especially at the joint and fore-edge. For this reason the structure is also very well suited to beginners. Books using this structure are generally covered in full cloth, paper, or a combination of the two. The structure is not well suited to leather binding and has been modified for use with vellum. This article describes how to complete a binding using this technique.

  • Bradel binding,
  • German case binding
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Peter D Verheyen. "The German Case Binding" Skin Deep Vol. 22 (2006)
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