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Where Book Art and Technology Mingle
Fine Books and Collections Magazine (2010)
  • Peter D Verheyen, Syracuse University
  • Richard Minsky

Interview of Peter D. Verheyen by Richard Minsky. Peter Verheyen, conservator, bookbinder, and creator of the Books Arts Web, discusses the current state of book arts. Although he creates impeccable fine bindings that have won international awards, Peter Verheyen's huge contribution to the field of book art has little to do with making or conserving physical books. His magum opus is the Book Arts Web (, the main location on the Internet for book art information and resources, from online exhibitions to tutorials, opportunities, blogs, and reference materials.

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Publication Date
Fall 2010
Citation Information
Peter D Verheyen and Richard Minsky. "Where Book Art and Technology Mingle" Fine Books and Collections Magazine (2010)
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