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About Peter Rutkoff

A New York native, Peter M. Rutkoff has been teaching at Kenyon since 1971. From 1999-2001 he held the National Endowment for the Humanities Distinguished teaching chair at Kenyon and from 2009-12 he was the Robert Oden Distinguished Professor of American Studies. Together with William B. Scott of the Kenyon history department, Rutkoff developed the North By South course that served as the senior seminar in American studies.
With several colleagues, Rutkoff helped develop the American Studies program, first in 1990 as an interdisciplinary program and since 2002 as an interdisciplinary major. His current scholarly interests include African-American cultural studies and the African-American migrations that are the subject of his new book with Professor Scott, Fly Away; The Great African-American Migrations. He is also the author of several books of fiction including the recently released novel Irish Eyes (2012).
Rutkoff also serves as the executive director of the Kenyon Academic Partnership (KAP), which links the college with a network of thirty secondary schools in Ohio. Students in KAP take dual-credit courses, for high-school graduation and Kenyon transcript credit.


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