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About Peter Oudemans

My program is focused on increasing our understanding of the ecology, biology and management of pathogens affecting blueberries, cranberries and wine grapes. In my lab we are investigating the infection pathways and life cycles of several key fungi in the blueberry and cranberry disease complex. Pathogens such as Botryosphaeria, Coleophoma Colletotrichum, Helicobasidium, Phyllosticta and Phytophthora represent significant potential economic loss. Research facilities at the PE Marucci Center provide opportunity to test hypotheses and conduct experiments in the lab, greenhouse and field trials as well as on commercial farms. The disease management strategies are developed around a basic understanding of the ecology of these pathogens. Our research findings and resulting recommended practices are typically used, tested and applied on a larger scale by blueberry and cranberry growers throughout North America.


Present Dept. of Plant Biology and Pathology, Rutgers University
Present Associate Professor, Rutgers University