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Automated Nanocrystal Orientation and Phase Mapping in the Transmission Electron Microscope on the Basis of Precession Electron Diffraction
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials
  • Edgar F. Rauch, SIMAP/GPM2 Laboratory
  • Joaquin Portillo, NanoMEGAS SPRL
  • Stavros Nicolopoulos, NanoMEGAS SPRL
  • Daniel Bultreys, NanoMEGAS SPRL
  • Sergei Rouvimov, SERVEIS Cientificotecnics
  • Peter Moeck, Portland State University
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  • Nanocrystals,
  • Transmission electron microscopy,
  • Electrons -- Diffraction,
  • Orientation mapping
An automated technique for the mapping of nanocrystal phases and orientations in a transmission electron microscope is described. It is primarily based on the projected reciprocal lattice geometry that is extracted from electron diffraction spot patterns. Precession electron diffraction patterns are especially useful for this purpose. The required hardware allows for a scanning-precession movement of the primary electron beam on the crystalline sample and can be interfaced to any older or newer mid-voltage transmission electron microscope (TEM). Experimentally obtained crystal phase and orientation maps are shown for a variety of samples. Comprehensive commercial and open-access crystallographic databases may be used in support of the nanocrystal phase identification process and are briefly mentioned.

Originally appeared in Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials, vol. 225, no. 2-3, published by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München. Version of record may be found at

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Rauch, Edgar F., et al. "Automated nanocrystal orientation and phase mapping in the transmission electron microscope on the basis of precession electron diffraction." Zeitschrift für Kristallographie International journal for structural, physical, and chemical aspects of crystalline materials 225.2-3 (2010): 103-109.