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Precession Electron Diffraction and its Advantages for Structural Fingerprinting in the Transmission Electron Microscope
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie
  • Peter Moeck, Portland State University
  • Sergei Rouvimov
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  • Electrons -- Diffraction,
  • Transmission electron microscopes,
  • Crystallography,
  • Nanocrystals
The foundations of precession electron diffraction in a transmission electron microscope are outlined. A brief illustration of the fact that laboratory-based powder X-ray diffraction fingerprinting is not feasible for nanocrystals is given. A procedure for structural fingerprinting of nanocrystals on the basis of structural data that can be extracted from precession electron diffraction spot patterns is proposed.

Originally appeared in Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, volume 225, number 2-3, and can be found at DOI: 10.1524/zkri.2010.1162

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Moeck, Peter, and Sergei Rouvimov. "Precession electron diffraction and its advantages for structural fingerprinting in the transmission electron microscope." Zeitschrift für Kristallographie International journal for structural, physical, and chemical aspects of crystalline materials 225, no. 2-3 (2010): 110-124.