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3D Printing & Open Access Databases for Crystallographic College Education
Physics Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Peter Moeck, Portland State University
  • Jennifer Stone-Sundberg, Portland State University
  • Trevor J. Snyder, 3d Systems Corporation
  • Werner Kaminsky, University of Washington - Seattle Campus
  • Saulius Grazulis, Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius, Lithuania
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  • Crystallography Open Database (COD),
  • Crystallography -- Study and teaching (Higher),
  • Three-dimensional printing -- Applications in crystallography,
  • Open access databases
Presentation gives an overview of available open access databases of crystals and crystal structures, as well as discussions of how newly developed 3D printing technologies can be used to teach crystallography at the college level. Offers advice regarding conversion of crystallographic information files to 3D printing files, and shares news from the 3D printing of crystallographic models community.

A presentation originally given at IUCr 23rd Congress on Crystallography, Montreal, Canada, 2014

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Moeck, P.; Stone-Sundberg, J.; Snyder, T.J.; Kaminsky, W.; Gražulis, S.; and all members of the International Advisory Board of the Crystallography Open Database, "3D printing & open access databases for crystallographic college education," IUCr 23rd Congress on Crystallography, Montreal, Canada, 2014.