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Systems for Assessing and Enhancing the Performance of Scanning Electron Microscopes by Quantifying and Enforcing Symmetries and Periodicities in Two Dimensions
Physics Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Peter Moeck, Portland State University
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  • Scanning probe microscopy -- Technological innovations,
  • Scanning probe microscopy -- Calibration
Scanning probe microscope (SPM) images are enhanced by enforcing one or more symmetries that can be selected based on suitable Fourier coefficient amplitude or phase angle residuals, and/ or geometric Akaike information criteria, and/ or cross correlation techniques. Alternatively, this selection can be based on prior knowledge of specimen characteristics. In addition, a scanning microscope point spread function is obtained based on the evaluation of a calibration image by enforcing at least one symmetry and can be applied to other image acquisitions.

United States Patent Application Publication. Pub. No.: US 2010/0223697 A1

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Moeck, Peter. "Systems for assessing and enhancing the performance of scanning probe microscopes by quantifying and enforcing symmetries and periodicities in two dimensions." U.S. Patent No. 8,196,216. 5 Jun. 2012.