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P-23 Carboxypeptidase O Regulates Epithelial Cell Migration and Adhesion
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Peter J. Lyons, Andrews University
  • Lloyd D. Fricker, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Presenter Status
Department of Biology
Second Presenter Status
Department of Molecular Pharmacology
Buller Hallway
Start Date
8-11-2012 3:00 PM
End Date
8-11-2012 5:00 PM
Presentation Abstract
Proteolytic enzymes play important roles in many tissues of the body. We have recently begun to characterize a protease named carboxypeptidase O (CPO), which is found in epithelial cells lining the small intestine and is able to remove C-terminal glutamates from substrate proteins. When CPO was expressed in a model epithelial cell line, it was found to be present in small intracellular vesicles of unknown identity. These CPO-expressing cells exhibited faster migration and greater cell-cell adhesion than control cells. This phenotype and other work suggest a possible role for CPO in cancer mechanisms.
Citation Information
Peter J. Lyons and Lloyd D. Fricker. "P-23 Carboxypeptidase O Regulates Epithelial Cell Migration and Adhesion" (2012)
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