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The Classification of Zp -modules with Partial Decomposition Bases in L∞ω
Mathematics Faculty Publications
  • Carol Jacoby
  • Peter Loth, Sacred Heart University
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Peer-Reviewed Article
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Ulm’s Theorem presents invariants that classify countable abelian torsion groups up to isomorphism. Barwise and Eklof extended this result to the classification of arbitrary abelian torsion groups up to L∞ω-equivalence. In this paper, we extend this classification to a class of mixed Zp-modules which includes all Warfield modules and is closed under L∞ω-equivalence. The defining property of these modules is the existence of what we call a partial decomposition basis, a generalization of the concept of decomposition basis. We prove a complete classification theorem in L∞ω using invariants deduced from the classical Ulm and Warfield invariants.

Citation Information

Jacoby, C. & Loth, P. (2016). The Classification of Zp-modules with partial decomposition basis in L∞ω. Archive for Mathematical Logic, 55(7), 939-954. doi:10.1007/s00153-016-0506-7