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Missed opportunities for osteoporosis treatment in patients hospitalized for hip fracture
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  • Peter Lindenauer, MD, Baystate Health
  • Penny Pekow, Baystate Health
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Article, Peer-reviewed
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OBJECTIVES: Although osteoporosis treatment can dramatically reduce fracture risk, rates of treatment after hip fracture remain low. In-hospital initiation of recommended medications has improved outcomes in heart disease; hospitalization for hip fracture may represent a similar opportunity for improvement. The objective of this study was to examine rates of in-hospital treatment with a combination of calcium and vitamin D (Cal+D) and antiresorptive or bone-forming medications in patients hospitalized for hip fractures DESIGN: Observational cohort. SETTING: Three hundred eighteen hospitals in the United States. PARTICIPANTS: Fifty-one thousand three hundred forty-six patients aged 65 and older hospitalized for osteoporotic hip fracture. MEASUREMENTS: In-hospital administration of Cal+D and antiresorptive or bone-forming medications. RESULTS: Three thousand four hundred five patients (6.6%) received Cal+D anytime after a procedure to correct femoral fracture; 3,763 patients (7.3%) received antiresorptive or bone-forming medications. Only 1,023 patients (2.0%) were prescribed ideal therapy, receiving Cal+D and an antiresorptive or bone-forming medication. Treatment rates remained low across virtually all patient-, provider-, and hospital-level characteristics. The strongest predictor of treatment with Cal+D was the receipt of an antiresorptive or bone-forming medication (adjusted odds ratio=5.50, 95% confidence interval=4.84-6.25), but only 27.2% of patients who received these medications also received Cal+D. CONCLUSION: Rates of in-hospital initiation of osteoporosis treatment for patients with hip fracture are low and may represent an opportunity to improve care.
Citation Information
Jennings L, Auerbach AD, Maselli J, Pekow P, Lindenauer P, Lee SJ. Missed opportunities for osteoporosis treatment in patients hospitalized for hip fracture. 2009 May.