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The Apollo Fallacy and its Effect on U.S. Energy Policy
Energy Policy (2009)
  • Peter Z. Grossman, Butler University
US Policy makers have made continual references to the Apollo Program as a model for development of alternative energy technologies. This model, however, is inappropriate for energy policy, and its use is termed the Apollo fallacy. The goal of the Apollo Program was the demonstration of engineering prowess while any alternative energy technology must succeed in the marketplace. Several Apollo-like energy programs have been tried and all have failed at high cost. It is argued that the use of Apollo has political benefits but that it is detrimental to the adoption of potentially effective energy policies. Note: Link is to the article in a subscription database available to users affiliated with Butler University. Appropriate login information will be required for access. Users not affiliated with Butler University should contact their local librarian for assistance in locating a copy of this article.
  • energy policy
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Peter Z. Grossman. "The Apollo Fallacy and its Effect on U.S. Energy Policy" Energy Policy Vol. 37 Iss. 10 (2009)
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