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Reproduction guild: Installation by Peter Deckers
Arts Other Research (2009)
  • Peter Deckers
Story telling has been and still is a valid reflection of experiences. It marks connections intrinsic to association and these share important symbolism and value. In the combination of jewellery and its attached stories, the holder of the memory accommodates irrepressible power and emotional structure of authenticity. The maker of such objects is merely providing an ample ‘soapbox’, where such constructs can take place. The object/sound installation, ‘The Reproduction Guild’ reverses the former axiom. The installation to the Reproduction Guild is developed from a series of 4 speakers and plateaus supporting individual pieces of jewellery. The work is accompanied by voice and sound compositions representing the ‘Digital, Manual, Manufactured, Processed’ divisions of reproducing/reproduction.
  • jewellery,
  • storytelling,
  • memory,
  • image and sound
Publication Date
April 9, 2009
Citation Information
Peter Deckers. "Reproduction guild: Installation by Peter Deckers" Arts Other Research (2009)
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