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Jewellery out of context : an exhibition of New Zealand artists / curated by Carole Shepheard & Peter Deckers
Arts Other Print (2009)
  • Carole Shepheard, University of Auckland
  • Peter Deckers
Jewellery Out of Context (joc) is an exhibition of 24 submissions created by 31 New Zealand artists (immigrants, emigrants, migrants, and natives to New Zealand). The exhibition was held at the Muse, Ultimo, Sydney in early 2006. The artists explore the relationships and transformations of jewellery in its wider context. The joc brief is open-ended, with the aim to reveal and unravel the many facets related to the formation and organisation of the jewellery discourse. This exhibition aims to provoke the jewellery community by deconstructing and reassembling its most elementary principle—‘made to wear’. Instead this exhibition is put together as a playful token for its own centralised existence, like: ‘jewellery’ has a good look to itself, or ‘jewellery’ dresses up for its own party. The motivation to include in the ‘call for entries’ multi-disciplines relates also to the aims of the 2006 Jewellers’ and Metalsmiths’Group of Australia (jmga) theme, which is ‘to take makers, collectors,critics and thinkers out of the comfort zone of their normal environments and place them ‘on location’; a hypothetical site where speculation, inspiration and the accidental can emerge and diverge, questioning the place of the production of meaning and the meaning of production’. In the joc exhibition a combination of the craft, design and fine art practices can be detected side-by-side, the crossbreds and the purebreds. This exhibition has no format, other then to celebrate jewellery and its related world. What is precious and what is non-precious seen through the eyes of artists will transform relationships and positions of normality. It is made special by the reflection of who we are and what we like to be. This exhibition invited artists to look beyond, but not away from the phenomena of object ornamentation and object psychology. Trends and fashions occupy the object maker in its transfixed craft art practice, which is shared closely but not exclusively by the fine art temperaments. Peter Deckers (Curator)
  • jewellery,
  • jewellery phenomenon,
  • deconstruction,
  • exhibition,
  • New Zealand
Publication Date
April 9, 2009
Citation Information
Carole Shepheard and Peter Deckers. "Jewellery out of context : an exhibition of New Zealand artists / curated by Carole Shepheard & Peter Deckers" Arts Other Print (2009)
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