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Investigating Praxis Inquiry within Teacher Education Using Giddens's Structuration Theory
ECU Publications Pre. 2011
  • Peter Burridge
  • Cathryn Carpenter
  • Brenda Cherednichenko, Edith Cowan University
  • Tony Kruger
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Journal Article
Association for Experiential Education
Education and Arts
Faculty Office (FEA)/Fogarty Learning Centre

This article was originally published as: Burridge, P., Carpenter, C., Cherednichenko, B. F., & Kruger, T. (2010). Investigating Praxisi Inquiry within teacher education using Giddens's Structuration Theory. Journal of Experiential Education, 33(1), 19-37. Original article available here

Partnerships are the foundation of teacher education at Victoria University in Australia. They provide opportunities for preservice teachers to be inquiring and socially active practitioners. These partnerships have been developed between the university and a broad range of educational settings in the community. Preservice teachers work in these settings, evaluating and responding to the educational needs of the organization as well as the individual learners and their families. Utilizing the components of Giddens' structuration theory as the theoretical basis for analysis, we analyzed three case studies of this practice-driven or praxis-inquiry approach to teacher education through partnerships. The exploration of the experiences described suggests that praxis inquiry is an approach that contributes to effective personalized learning opportunities, increased human agency, and broader perspectives on social responsibility. This research methodology explores new approaches to Tesearching practice and to building the capacity of educators to undeTstand practice and its impact through reflexive inquiry.
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Peter Burridge, Cathryn Carpenter, Brenda Cherednichenko and Tony Kruger. "Investigating Praxis Inquiry within Teacher Education Using Giddens's Structuration Theory" (2010)
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