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A novel highly differentially expressed gene in wheat endosperm associated with bread quality
Scientific Reports
  • A Furtado
  • Peter C Bundock, Southern Cross University
  • P M Banks
  • G Fox
  • X Yin
  • R J Henry
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Peer Reviewed
Analysis of gene expression in developing wheat seeds was used to identify a gene, wheat bread making (wbm), with highly differential expression (~1000 fold) in the starchy endosperm of genotypes varying in bread making quality. Several alleles differing in the 5’-upstream region (promoter) of this gene were identified, with one present only in genotypes with high levels of wbm expression. RNA-Seq analysis revealed low or no wbm expression in most genotypes but high expression (0.2-0.4% of total gene expression) in genotypes that had good bread loaf volume. The wbm gene is predicted to encode a mature protein of 48 amino acids (including four cysteine residues) not previously identified in association with wheat quality, possibly because of its small size and low frequency in the wheat gene pool. Genotypes with high wbm expression all had good bread making quality but not always good physical dough qualities. The predicted protein was sulphur rich suggesting the possibility of a contribution to bread loaf volume by supporting the crossing linking of proteins in gluten. Improved understanding of the molecular basis of differences in bread making quality may allow more rapid development of high performing genotypes with acceptable end-use properties and facilitate increased wheat production.
Citation Information

Furtado, A, Bundock, PC, Banks, PM, Fox, G, Yin, X & Henry, RJ 2015, 'A novel highly differentially expressed gene in wheat endosperm associated with bread quality', Scientific Reports, vol. 5, art. 10446.

Article available on Open Access