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About Peter R. Betzer

My current research interests include defining the involvement of particulate materials in geoChemical cycles; understanding the specific ways that various classes of organisms are involved in the creation, modification and transfer of particulate material in the ocean; using Chemical and mineralogical signatures to specify the sources for and movement of particulate matter in the oceans; specifying the influence of atmospherically-derived and river-borne particulates on primary production in the open ocean; applying new analytical systems to the ocean realm such as a holographically-equipped sediment trap and a computer-assisted scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray detectors. In the past, I have participated in numerous oceanographic expeditions, including work in the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and, most recently, the North Pacific Ocean.


Present Retired-Emeritus, Professor in Chemical Oceanography, University of South Florida

Research Interests