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About Peter Barrios-Lech

I am interested in the pragmatics and sociolinguistics of the Latin and Greek languages. In other words, I ask how context -- identity of speaker and addressee, their relationship (familial, friendship, master-slave, etc.) to each other -- affected what speakers of Latin said, and how they said it. Ancient Drama proves to be very useful in answering this question, since it to some extent reflects the spoken language, and features characters of various social statuses interacting with each other.
Several publications deal with the issues set out in the preceding paragraph, as does my monograph, "Linguistic Interaction in Roman Comedy" (Cambridge UP, forthcoming). With Giada Sorrentino (Ph.D. Univ. of Freiburg), I am working on a book that deals with the same questions for Attic Greek, entitled, provisionally, "Power, Gender and Status in Menander."
My interests also include puns in Plautus, on which I have published a couple of articles, reception of the Classics in renaissance and modern literature, Latin pedagogy, Greek and Roman drama and epic, and Latin poetry of all periods.
I maintain an active interest in spoken Latin as co-organizer of the Conventiculum Bostoniense; check out what we do at In line with this interest, I like to (try to) write Latin verse in my abundant spare time ;). Youʻre welcome to check out my Latin poetry blog, which I've updated now and again since 2006: (comments always welcome!).


Present Assistant Professor of Classics, College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts Boston

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Telephone: 617-287-6124
Office Location: M-4-604


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