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All Things to All People, Part One
17 Our Constitutional Logic 160 (2105)
  • Peter J. Aschenbrenner, Purdue University
Our Constitutional Logic has identified the fundamental predicate of Government I, which operated, more or less, under Constitution I, the Constutiton of the year One, as a disposable government. See The Standard Model at War, 17 OCL 350. if government asserts, affirmatively, that it is disposable, isn’t it also asserting that it can replicate its systems (= structures political society) at will? OCL builds on its assertion of political society as a three-goaled contrivance. See Why Do Political Societies Exist? 2 OCL 883. Isn’t such a government asserting the primacy of the needs of civil society? By offering to dispose of its when and as necessary to further the larger purposes of civil society? And isn’t a provisional government asserting that it has the means to automate the production of new structures in place of the old?
  • provisional government,
  • disposable government
Publication Date
January, 2105
Citation Information
Peter J. Aschenbrenner. "All Things to All People, Part One" 17 Our Constitutional Logic 160 (2105)
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