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Our Aesthetic Constitutions: A New View
2 Our Constitutional Logic 258 (2013)
  • Peter J. Aschenbrenner, Purdue University
A six-way division of constitutional text is presented. Responsibilities and disabilities occupy the semantic spaces ordinarily assigned to ‘powers’ and ‘rights,’ respectively. Titles, offices and intersections are segregated, which category includes the restraints between any two (and more) actors and bodies. Aspirational language is carved out, along with text addressing government to government issues, here, federal and state governments. Finally each instance of an apparatus, permitting, commanding, and prohibiting operational consideration of issues (as they may arise in the future) are named.
  • sieve,
  • constitutional tranche
Publication Date
September, 2013
Citation Information
Peter J. Aschenbrenner. "Our Aesthetic Constitutions: A New View" 2 Our Constitutional Logic 258 (2013)
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