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About Peter C.S. Adams

Peter C.S. Adams is the Manager of the IT Service Desk at UMass Boston. He has worked for the University since 1993.
Peter is a longtime Mac user (dating to the Lisa in 1983) and still believes most people should be using Macs (or iPads!). He set up one of the first networked laser printers and distributed file sharing networks in the mid ’80s, has moderated mailing lists for almost 20 years, and has managed several Mac servers, including CPCS, for whom he was also webmaster.
He wrote his first computer program on paper tape in 1975, wrote numerous programs for the Apple // (including some in 6502 assembly language), and wrote HyperCard applications for the Mac for numerous clients. He wrote extensively on the Apple // and Mac for local user groups. His first paid article on computers was in 1986.
His most recent publication is “After the Fall: Post-Apocalyptic Novels by Women Authors,” presented at the International Society for the Study of European Ideas in Ankara, Turkey, in August 2010.


Present Manager, IT Service Desk, University of Massachusetts Boston

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