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Philanthropic Disruptions: Changing Nonprofit Education for an Engaged Society
Journal of Public Affairs Education (2016)
  • Peter C. Weber, Murray State University
  • Gregory R. Witkowski, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
The authors link the development of nonprofit education to the historical transformations of the
nonprofit sector. They argue that the professionalization of the nonprofit sector has led to the
current emphasis on economic approaches and performance management in nonprofit and
philanthropic studies curricula. This trend parallels the marginalization of broader approaches to
the field, approaches that are able to capture philanthropy’s historical, ethical/moral, and political
functions. The authors propose a series of steps that could help nonprofit educational programs
address the challenges of a rapidly changing field and prepare nonprofit leaders for the 21st century.
The article aims to start a dialogue on the future of nonprofit education, which ought to prepare
future leaders in the field to speak philanthropy’s multiple languages.
  • Nonprofit studies,
  • nonprofit education,
  • philanthropy,
  • history of nonprofit sector,
  • civil society
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Citation Information
Weber, P. C. (first author) & Witkowski, G. (2016). Philanthropic Disruptions: Changing Nonprofit Education for an Engaged Society. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 22(1), 91-106.