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About Peter Lynwood Surguy

Motivated by recognition of his inherent abilities as a healer, in 2001 Mr Surguy completed his Masters Degree in a Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia. Since childhood his primary motivation is to discover the ‘real reasons’, the underlying forces and energies that give rise to the phenomena of the human, human made and natural worlds.  

With the desire for finding real and concrete solutions to physical health and mental health issues, Peter Surguy came to the work of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi in early 2011 via the internet.  Immediately experiencing considerable person benefit from the biofield energy healing treatment, he became deeply interested in the Trivedi Effect and the scientific proof for its remarkable results.  A while after beginning his involvement with the Trivedi Effect Mr Surguy began to notice not only and enhancement in his own physical / psychological well-being, but also in those around him, including both those close to him and in some clients.  As a result of these outcomes he has become more and more involved in biofield energy healing treatment, leading to his own move toward the Trivedi  Effect healing  work.  This direction  enables  him, as it does his fellow Trivedi Energy Healers,  to harness the phenomenon known as the Trivedi Effect, or Life Force, with its inherent intelligence, to help relieve the suffering  of people with often multiple ailments and  disorders and to enhancing all aspects of human health and well being.


Present Healer / Counsellor, Trivedi Global Inc


Research Interests

Biofield and Cell Biology


Master of Social Science, University of South Australia

Publications (7)