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How Antonin Scalia Punched Down
Washington Monthly (2016)
  • Peter M. Shane, Ohio State University - Main Campus
The late Justice Antonin Scalia had undeniable impacts on U.S. jurisprudence and received wide praise across the ideological spectrum for his personal qualities.  Nonetheless, the author’s assessment of Justice Scalia is more muted both because Scalia devoted his rhetorical skills to bad causes and at least sometimes treated less powerful people who disagreed with him—including law students—disrespectfully.
  • Supreme Court,
  • Scalia,
  • Constitutional Law,
  • Antonin Scalia,
  • Supreme Court Nomination,
  • Judicial Branch,
  • Justice Scalia,
  • Originalism,
  • Textualism
Publication Date
February 15, 2016
Citation Information
Peter M. Shane. "How Antonin Scalia Punched Down" Washington Monthly (2016)
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