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Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes
  • Peter Reaburn, Central Queensland University
This book examines the aging process, its effect on sports performance, the methods to maximize sports performance, and the unique nutritional needs of masters athletes. More importantly, the book focuses on practical ways to minimize the age-related declines in performance and health by examining ways to maximize speed, endurance, and strength development in order to slow the inevitable age-related performance decline. The insights discussed in the text enable readers to both improve performance and better understand their bodies' responses to exercise as they age, through correct training methodology and nutritional practices.


  • Presents nutritional requirements related to exercise and sports performance in older exercisers and masters athletes
  • Targets the specific nutritional and performance needs of five types of masters athletes, including endurance, ultra-endurance, speed, strength and power, and team-sport athlete groups
  • Provides information on nutrition and exercise in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease as well as drug-nutrient interactions for older exercisers and athletes
  • Includes in every chapter a section on practical implications for coaches and athletes as well as clinicians
  • Examines ways to maximize speed, endurance, and strength and power development in order to slow the age-related decline in sports performance


Addresses the Aging Process and Its Effect on Sports Performance

Age-related changes influence all physiological systems, including those used during exercise and sport. Highlighting masters athletes—older adults who train and compete in organized sports—Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes examines the extent to which regular physical training can impact these changes. This book bridges the gap between theory and practice, addressing nutritional, exercise and sport sciences, and the actual performance of masters athletes and older exercisers. It reviews in detail many age-related changes that occur in the physiological systems, provides implications of these changes for masters athletes, coaches and clinicians, explores scientifically-based methods to maximize sprint, strength and power, team sport players, endurance and ultra-endurance performance, and focuses on the unique nutritional needs of master athletes.

Examines the Growing Body of Knowledge on Masters Athletes

Each chapter has been written by a world-leading authority in their field. Contributors focus on a specific topic and discuss available research. Incorporating information from studies on younger and older athletes and healthy older non-athletes, they help determine the training and nutrition implications for sports medicine professionals and clinicians, masters athletes and coaches, and future research directions for academic and postgraduate students. The book includes material on endurance, ultra-endurance, speed, strength and power, and team sports athletes. Sections cover macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat and protein needs), micronutrients (vitamin and mineral needs), fluids and hydration; supplements and ergogenic aids, nutrition for chronic disease, and the training/nutrition needs of every type of masters athletes.

Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes is highly recommended for medical and health professionals, fellow academics, postgraduates with an interest in masters athletes, as well as masters athlete coaches and masters athletes, and administrators wanting to assist their members.

Table of Contents

Physiological Changes Affecting the Nutritional Needs of Masters Athletes;David Jenkins, Tina Skinner and Kate Bolam

Physiological Changes Affecting Performance of Masters Athletes; Benjamin J Dascombe, Nathan Elsworthy, Brendan Scott, Dean V Sculley and Peter RJ Reaburn

Energy Needs of Masters Athletes; Nuala M Byrne and Andrew P Hills

Carbohydrate Needs of Masters Athletes; Gregory R Cox

Fat Needs in Masters Athletes; Nathan A Johnson and Stephen R Stannard

Protein Needs of Masters Athletes; Mark A Tarnopolsky

Vitamin Needs of Masters Athletes; Jeanick Brisswalter

Mineral Needs of Masters Athletes; Erica Hirsch, Mrinalini Sharma and Stella Lucia Volpe

Fluid, Electrolytes and Hydration Needs of Masters Athletes; Kathryn Jackson

Supplement Use in Masters Athletes; Ben Desbrow, Greg Shaw and Gary Slater

Ergogenic Aids for Masters Athletes; Vincent J Dalbo, Michael D Roberts and Aaron T Scanlan

Nutrients, Health and Chronic Disease in Masters Athletes; Janelle A Gifford, Helen T O’Connor, Alexandra L Honey and Ian D Caterson

Drug and Nutrient Interactions in Masters Athletes; Kathleen M Knights and Arduino A Mangoni

Training and Nutrition Needs of the Masters Endurance Athlete; Michael Leveritt and Juliet Wiseman

Training and Nutritional Needs of the Masters Ultra-Endurance Athlete; Paul B Laursen

Training and Nutritional Needs of the Masters Sprint Athlete; Marko T Korhonen, Marko Haverinen and Hans Degens

Training and Nutrition Needs of the Masters Strength/Power Athlete; Michael D Roberts, Vincent J Dalbo and Thomas W Buford

Training and Nutritional Needs of the Masters Team Sport Athlete; Aaron J Coutts, Amy E Mendham and Rob Duffield

  • Ageing,
  • Performance,
  • Sports Nutrition,
  • Health related to ageing,
  • Athletes Nutrition
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Peter R. J. Reaburn
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