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Insular and Carolingian Hymns
Hymns and Hymnody: Historical and Theological Introductions (2019)
  • Gavin Ferriby, Sacred Heart University
Historical background, identification of important sources, and theological perspectives on hymns originating ca. 500 to 900 C.E. in the northwestern islands and continent of Europe west of the Elbe River and north of the Alps and Pyrenees mountains.
  • Ireland,
  • Old Irish,
  • Anglo-Saxon Britain,
  • Bangor,
  • Canterbury,
  • Winchester,
  • York,
  • Alcuin,
  • Charlemagne,
  • Louis the Pious,
  • Early medieval Christian worship,
  • Early medieval liturgy,
  • hymnals,
  • hymns,
  • Hincmar of Rheims,
  • Gottschalk of Orbais,
  • medieval manuscripts,
  • Carolingian reform,
  • Milan Biblioteca Ambrosiana C.5,
  • Liber Hymnorum,
  • Old
Publication Date
Mark A. Lamport, Benjamin K. Forrest, Vernon M. Whaley
Cascade Books
Citation Information
Gavin Ferriby. "Insular and Carolingian Hymns" Eugene, Oregon, USAHymns and Hymnody: Historical and Theological Introductions Vol. 1: From Asia Minor to Western Europe (2019) p. 106 - 128
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