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Automating systematic reviews with library systems: Are Primo and Alma APIs a pain reliever?
ANZREG 2018 (2018)
  • Peta J Hopkins
Increasingly, academic libraries are being encouraged to become partners with the researchers they support. This often means moving out of the comfort zone of traditional services and being open to new projects and initiatives where the researchers’ needs and the library’s expertise and resources align. Bond Library Services has partnered with the Centre for Research in Evidence Based Practice (CREBP) to integrate systems and automate workflows to accelerate the process of conducting systematic reviews.

The Centre’s goals in this partnership were to streamline the processes of finding full text in the Library’s subscription services, and to automate requests for articles and other document types that would necessitate resource sharing requests through Alma. These two functions were to be built in to the Centre’s Systematic Review Accelerator – a browser-based tool set for researchers.
In this presentation learn how Primo and Alma’s apis were considered to meet these goals, and how Alma’s resource sharing api has been implemented to work with the SRA.
  • library systems,
  • document delivery,
  • resource sharing,
  • integrations
Publication Date
May 31, 2018
Citation Information
Peta J Hopkins. "Automating systematic reviews with library systems: Are Primo and Alma APIs a pain reliever?" ANZREG 2018 (2018)
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