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Unpublished Paper
The Case for Mexican Asylum Seekers Fleeing Cartel Violence
ExpressO (2013)
  • Perry B Nava, Barry University
The number of Mexican immigrants filing for asylum in the United States is on the rise as cartel violence affects more people each year. The perceived increase in cartel-related, violent crime is displacing people similar to how a war forces displaced refugees out of a country; but the United States is not accepting a great majority of the applications for asylum. This paper explores the more broadly applicable law that protects persecuted people; some of the issues that have simultaneously contributed to increased migration to the United States and aggressive expansion by the drug cartels; the result of the application of current laws to asylum seekers and the pros and cons of widened protection; and a proposed amended legislative approach. International policies that benefit an international community protect the interest of humanity as a whole, so it is important to consider whether a body of law will work in the long run.
  • Immigration,
  • Refugee,
  • Asylum,
  • immigration reform,
  • comprehensive immigration reform,
  • cartel crime,
  • Mexico,
  • America,
  • Mexican American Relations,
  • Mexican Immigration,
  • Mexican Asylum
Publication Date
April 2, 2013
Citation Information
Perry B Nava. "The Case for Mexican Asylum Seekers Fleeing Cartel Violence" ExpressO (2013)
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