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Investor-State Arbitration in Sub-Saharan Africa
Penn State International Arbitration Day (2016)
  • Perry S. Bechky
The Dispute Resolution Interest Group and the Africa Interest Group of the American Society of International Law co-sponsored a daylong conference on March 11 on “The Future of International Arbitration in Africa.”  The conference was also co-sponsored by Penn State and Greenberg Traurig, and it was hosted by the Washington office of Greenberg Traurig.  Video of the conference is available at  

The conference included a panel discussion about Foreign Investment and Investment Arbitration in Africa. I moderated the panel and made introductory remarks about "Investor-State Arbitration in Sub-Saharan Africa." Video of these remarks is available at:
(starting at 0:00:01). Attached here are the Powerpoint slides for these remarks.
  • Investor-state arbitration,
  • international investment law,
  • ICSID,
  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes,
  • Africa
Publication Date
March 11, 2016
Citation Information
Perry S. Bechky. "Investor-State Arbitration in Sub-Saharan Africa" Penn State International Arbitration Day (2016)
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