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Model-based testing and the UML testing profile
Lecture notes in computer science
  • Padmanabhan Krishnan, Bond University
  • Percy Pari-Salas, Bond University
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Krishnan, P. & Pari-Salas, P. (2009). Model-based testing and the UML testing profile. Lecture notes in computer science, 5700, 315-328.

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 0801

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The UML Testing Profile (U2TP) provides a means of using UML for test case specification. In this work we show how the concepts of model-based testing can be mapped to U2TP at the conceptual level. We discuss structural as well as behavioural issues that allow certain aspects of model-based testing to be considered an instance of U2TP. This is achieved without insisting that model-based testing should use UML. We show how the process of using model-based testing including test case design, test generation and test execution using a tool can be captured as an instance of U2TP. The aim of this exercise is to show that model-based testing can be adopted as part of the U2TP framework, and that one does not need a different framework to adopt model-based testing in practice.
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Padmanabhan Krishnan and Percy Pari-Salas. "Model-based testing and the UML testing profile" Lecture notes in computer science Vol. 5700 (2009) p. 315 - 328
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