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Unpublished Paper
Grieving in the Internet Age
  • Kimberly Falconer, University of Pennsylvania
  • K. Gibson
  • H. Norman
  • Mieke Sachsenweger

Grief is one of the most ubiquitous traumatic human experiences. Although in recent years online expressions of grief and attempts to cope with bereavement have grown significantly in scale, little is known about the extent to which such activities may aid in the clinical and non-clinical management of grief. This article discusses developments in this field from a psychological perspective and suggests ways in which online developments create tools to further the management of grief. Suggestions for future research are given and the impact of such tools on professional practice is discussed.

Publication Date
April, 2011
Citation Information
Falconer, K., Sachsenweger, M., Gibson, K., & Norman, H. (2011). Grieving in the Internet Age. New Zealand Journal of Psychology 40, 79-88