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Ethnoarchaeology as a Strategy for Building Frames of Reference for Research Problems
Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology (2014)
  • Pei-Lin Yu, Boise State University

Ethnoarchaeology is a powerful strategy for structuring archaeological research questions that uses ethnographic information to make inferences about the material residues of past human activities. Ethnoarchaeology is not a theoretical approach per se, so it can investigate research questions generated from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives. Ethnoarchaeological scopes and scales of research are expanding rapidly in geography, chronology, method, and theoretical stance, from variables conditioning the manufacture of traditional technology to the evolution of symbolic expression and ritual behaviors.

  • Ethnoarchaeology
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Claire Smith
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This is an author-produced, peer-reviewed version of this article. The final, definitive version of this document can be found online at Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, published by Springer. Copyright restrictions may apply. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4419-0465-2_962
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Pei-Lin Yu. "Ethnoarchaeology as a Strategy for Building Frames of Reference for Research Problems" New York, NYEncyclopedia of Global Archaeology (2014)
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