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Praying for a Cure: When Medical and Religious Practices Conflict
Philosophy Faculty Publications
  • Peggy DesAutels, University of Dayton
  • Margaret P. Battin, University of Utah
  • Larry May, Washington University in St. Louis
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When the children of Christian Scientists die from a treatable illness, are their parents guilty of murder for withholding that treatment? How should the rights of children, the authority of the medical community, and religious freedom be balanced? Is it possible for those adhering to a medical model of health and disease and for those adhering to the Christian Science model to enter into a meaningful dialogue, or are the two models incommensurable? DesAutels, Battin, and May engage in a lucid and candid debate of the issues of who is ultimately responsible for deciding these questions and how to accommodate (and, in some cases, constrain) Christian Science views and practices within a pluralistic society.
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Chapter 2, "Rational Choice and Alternative Worldviews: A Defense of Christian Science," is provided for download by permission of the publisher. Permission documentation is on file.

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Rowman & Littlefield
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Lanham, MD
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Peggy DesAutels, Margaret P. Battin and Larry May. Praying for a Cure: When Medical and Religious Practices Conflict. (1999)
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