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Puerto Rico: Cultural Nation, American Colony
Mich. J. Race and Law (2000)
  • Pedro A. Malavet

A study of Puerto Rico's century-old legal relationship with the United States, and how it constructs Puerto Ricans as legal and social second-class citizens because of their cultural nationhood. The discriminatory treatment conflicts with contemporary notions of justice and morality in postmodern political and legal philosophy. The article articulates a framework for legal reform that is consistent with a new progressive theoretical construct of a pluralistic and communitarian form of liberalism. I further developed the material that I discuss in this article in my book: America's Colony: The Political and Cultural Conflict Between the United States and Puerto Rico (NYU Press 2005) (paperback edition 2007).

  • LatCrit Theory,
  • Critical Race Theory,
  • Colonialism,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Citizenship Theory,
  • Political Minorities
Publication Date
Fall 2000
Citation Information
Pedro A. Malavet. "Puerto Rico: Cultural Nation, American Colony" Mich. J. Race and Law Vol. 6 Iss. 1 (2000)
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